The Oar & Paddle Restaurant and Pub in Gravenhurst

Visit us at 530 Muskoka Road N.

Contact us at 705 687 8618

Over the past seven years North has gained a reputation as a trusted business in Muskoka.  We have prided ourselves on delivering a product that Muskoka wanted and needed, a fine/casual dining establishment that provided the best service and food in the area. 
Through recent years, though, we have noticed a change in the food & beverage industry.  Fine dining is fading. 
And like our customers, we've needed to consistently diversify and reinvent to make sure we are delivering quality products while always looking for new ways to meet our customer evolving tastes.
We have also noticed, with great excitement, a rejuveniation in Muskoka, and particularly in Gravenhurst, with more and more people moving their families and businesses here to enjoy the perfect combination of lifetsyle and opportunity.
And so, like the New Year - we say 'Out with the Old, and In with the New!'  Starting mid-February North made way for 'The Oar and Paddle' Restaurant and Pub.  With an eye towards a cozy, setting, The Oar and Paddle features the best of all our of menus from North West, Carey's and North. Authentic church pews have been fashioned to create a snug setting. We have said goodbye to the white linens and hello to a more eclectic, casual decor. 
Some things haven't changed, though!  You can still expect to find the same wonderful food and friendly staff at Carey's - in fact, you may see some of the Carey's team at The Oar! Many of your favourite North team are essential at The Oar too!
The North Catering brand will certainly continue as we are pleased to continue to be the official caterer for the Marriott Residence Inn as well as the Muskoka Steamships.  

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